20 Indoor Plants That Can Be Grown In Vase

20 Indoor Plants That Can Be Grown In Vase

#11 Geranium

Geranium is a popular house plant because of its minimal care requirements and bright pink flowers. Vases are also a great option to start a plant from cuttings!

#12 English Ivy

An evergreen vine, it will look quite charming in a vase with its flexible stems dangling down.

#13 Watermelon Peperomia

With its thick and bushy foliage, this plant can be an amazing centerpiece!

#14 Snake Plant

The tall variegated leaves of the snake plant will look absolutely stunning in a transparent vase! It is also a great air-purifying plant for your home.

#15 Chinese Money Plant

A compact specimen, it is a great plant that you can keep on your windowsills and small tables.

#16 Monstera

The unique cut foliage of this low-maintenance plant will look more beautiful in a matching vase! What’s more, you can also grow it in the water.

#17 Lucky Bamboo

Easy to maintain, it survives in a range of growing conditions and also purifies the air! It is the most famous and recognized variety you can grow!

#18 Anthurium

The colorful bracts of the plant go magnificently well with its dark green foliage! You can also grow it in a transparent vase in the water.

#19 Peace Lily

A popular houseplant, the peace lily is also easy to maintain and looks quite classy with the combination of its white and green leaves.

#20 Swiss Cheese Plant

The unique-looking foliage of this plant has natural holes. As the plant also loves to climb, you can keep it near a shelf and watch it grow upwards.

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