20 Inspiring Terrace Garden Ideas You Should Try

by Sasha Ridley

    If you do not turn your terrace into a beautiful small garden, you’re definitely missing out. You can grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers in here. Vegetables and herbs are for culinary purpose and flowers are for ornamental one. Some of these flowers are even edible and some of the herb offer medicinal uses. As such, you can harvest plenty with your terrace garden and also get relaxed in here. Provide it with some chairs or a bench, and a coffee table, you have a nice place to relax at the end of the day. Perfect!


    Here are 20 inspiring terrace garden ideas that you should try. If your house has a terrace, you should never miss these. These ideas are additionally handy for the balcony, backyard, patio and garden. Of course, you can not apply all designs for these spaces, you can copy some of the details. To arrange everything neatly, you should not use more than 3-5 colors on your terrace. And be sure to write down everything on paper, determine a theme, and work accordingly. Let’s get started!

    #1 Terrace garden with synthetic grass

    As it takes time and effort to build a lawn on the terrace. You can use synthetic grass instead.

    #2 Make a lush green garden

    It’s not simply a garden. It’s a perfect place for relaxing. You even have dinner and small party in here. Your terrace would be

    #3 Create an alluring container garden on terrace

    If you love flowers, you can definitely turn your terrace into a beautiful flower garden. Don’t forget to grow your flowers in different containers.

    #4 Build a serene and calm garden on terrace

    Love to get the peace in your terrace garden? Use colors like blue, green, indigo, pink and white instead of bright colors.

    #5 Modern simple rooftop garden

    This garden on terrace is simple yet good looking, not so many colors and accessories are used.

    #6 Build lavender and allium terrace garden

    Itching to lavender and allium fragrance and beauty? Grow some on your terrace. They will do well in here with proper care and moisture.

    #7 Create a low maintenance garden on terrace

    A terrace garden for lazy or busy terrace owners? Just grow low-maintenance here. Just give your plants enough light and water, and they will thrive in here.

    #8 Terrace garden with tire planters

    Place some tire planters on your terrace, and you have a beautiful lush garden.

    #9 Grow lot of vines and dwarf trees near the walls

    As vines add stunning greenary to your garden, why not grow one in your terrace?

    #10 Make a lawn on terrace

    Why not build a lawn on your terrace? Your kids will love playing here.

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