20 Inspiring Ways To Reuse Glass Bottles and Jars

by Sasha Ridley

    My kids and I love making crafts from “throw-away” glass bottles and glass jars. It’s not just to banish “I’m bored” from the kids or to inspire my creativity (as an adult). The point here is to get the satisfaction when turning old things into new useful ones. It is such a rewarding journey. Normally, these crafts are functional things for your home and garden. Some of them are even pretty enough to serve as an home décor and gift.


    And, here are 20 inspiring ways to reuse glass bottle and jars I would like to share today. These DIY glass projects will surely spice up your boring time, especially at weekend. Some are quite easy and fun to make, so you can do them with your kids. Just be careful not to break the glass. I’m making mason jar lights this weekend and hang them at the garden. They will be striking here at night time. Let’s give these a look, and have fun with your favorite crafts!

    #1 Hanging Mason Jar Lights

    These lights are one of the craziest things to make with old mason jars. Hanging them in the garden, backyard or patio, you will have a perfect place for outdoor dinner and relaxing. Some wedding also prefer these lights as they’re twinkling when it’s dark outside.

    #2 Flower Vases For Wedding

    These are inexpensive but really impressive. They also work with ceremonies and outdoor parties.

    #3 Make A Glass Bottle Tree As Magical Garden Decorations

    This DIY bottle tree would be striking in your garden when sunlight shines through. Who do not want to own one for their garden?

    #4 Glass Jar Terrarium Craft Ideas

    Just let your kids involve in this DIY project! You guys will have a lot of fun together.

    #5 Recycled Wine Bottle Self-Watering Planters

    Just start an indoor herb garden with old glass bottles. An amazing DIY project. Be careful when cutting the glass.

    #6 Mason Jar Oil Candle

    These DIY oil candles are beautiful enough for weddings and ceremonies. The point here is they’re made from few things found around your home.

    #7 Recycled Glass Bottle Tiki Torch

    This DIY wine bottle tiki torch would bring more charm and color to your outdoor party gatherings!

    #8 Thrift Store Glass Vase To Paper Flower Lanterns

    These DIY glass vase lanterns are perfect for weddings and ceremonies. If you are finding something creative to light up your garden, just give these a go.

    #9 DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

    One of the best things to make with old mason jars is turn them into soap dispensers. Use  super glue to glue a soap bottle pump on mason jar lid. Just paint it with a favorite color if you prefer.

    #10 Make an Artsy Tissue Box

    There is no need to buy tissue boxes at store. You can make impressive ones with your mason jars. Just decorate them to your liking. Have fun!

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