20 Intriguing Aquarius Tattoos To Show Who You Are

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It’s officially time to put your Aquarius playlist on repeat, because the water bearer has arrived. Even when we aren’t in Aquarius season, there is no wrong time to celebrate the cheerful sign. What is the best way to accomplish this? With an eye-catching Aquarius tattoo. The Aquarius—ruled by Uranus, the expander of consciousness, for what it’s worth—fights for humanity while having fun. They are well-known for being intelligent, intellectual, thoughtful, and excellent communicators. So, whether it’s a tiny hand tattoo, a lovely floral tattoo, or a tattoo that’s both an Aquarius and a Capricorn tattoo for those of you on the cusp, you have plenty of options.

If that isn’t enough to entice you, Aquarius is also the sign of Oprah. Here are 13 of the most beautiful Aquarius tattoos (from a cute baby angel to a detailed sea creature) that perfectly reflect your easygoing energy.

Top 20 Most Popular Aquarius Tattoos Of 2022

Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

This tattoo just shows all of the basic information about Aquarius, from the ruling planet to the popular sign, in case people do not know the constellation of this zodiac. I would say that this is a very straight-forward tattoo.Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

20 Intriguing Aquarius Tattoos To Show Who You Are - 87

20 Intriguing Aquarius Tattoos To Show Who You Are - 89

Aquarius Sign Tattoo Designs

A very fine, simple sign like this may be enough for ladies. Girls love to rock delicate pieces of art on their bodies. Hence, tattoo styles like this could be a good choice.Aquarius Sign Tattoo Designs

20 Intriguing Aquarius Tattoos To Show Who You Are - 92

20 Intriguing Aquarius Tattoos To Show Who You Are - 94

Cool Aquarius Tattoos

The coolest thing about this zodiac is that it is one of the rare elements without a symbolic animal. Hence, there are many choices for an Aquarius to depict their sign. If you do not like the classic concept of water pouring out of a jug, you can opt for ones similar to this instead.Cool Aquarius Tattoos

Cute Aquarius Tattoos

A constellation depicted with flowers is beautiful. It is mesmerizing and attractive.Cute Aquarius Tattoos

20 Intriguing Aquarius Tattoos To Show Who You Are - 98

20 Intriguing Aquarius Tattoos To Show Who You Are - 100

20 Intriguing Aquarius Tattoos To Show Who You Are - 102

Aquarius Tattoo Small

If you love miniature toys, this one may be of interest to you. It is not just any simple Aquarius constellation; it is elevated with all kinds of other tiny details such as a rocket, the sun, the moon, etc. More importantly, each of them is painted in vibrant color, which makes the whale design stand out despite its small scale.Aquarius Tattoo Small

Aquarius Minimalist Tattoo

With half the constellation, if depicted with daisies, your tattoo will be more delicate.Aquarius Minimalist Tattoo

Aries And Aquarius Tattoo

This simple design seems spot-on to me. It reminds me of those thousands-of-year-old indigenous carvings.Aries And Aquarius Tattoo

Gemini And Aquarius Tattoo

An eye-popping couple design like this tends to attract a lot of attention. Thus, it would be cool if there was someone who shared the same art as you.Gemini And Aquarius Tattoo

Leo And Aquarius Tattoo

Couple zodiac tattoos do not have to be complex designs with the signs intertwined. It can just sit separately like this. I prefer this way, as it would be easier to remove once the relationship does not reach a happy ending. You know, sometimes we must think further.Leo And Aquarius Tattoo

Scorpio And Aquarius Tattoo

I could see that a Scorpio and an Aquarius are deeply in love.Scorpio And Aquarius Tattoo

Sagittarius And Aquarius Tattoo

I am captivated by this one. From afar, all you can see is a simple arrow, but when you look closer, it turns out that these are the signs of an Aquarius and a Sagittarius.Sagittarius And Aquarius Tattoo

Aquarius And Pisces Tattoo

This is pure art to me. It can be turned into a picture and hung in the living room.Aquarius And Pisces Tattoo

Libra And Aquarius Tattoo

This is another simple way to depict the relationship between a Libra and an Aquarius couple.Libra And Aquarius Tattoo

There are many good traits of an Aquarius, so there is nothing wrong with celebrating who you are. If you are interested in the idea of embracing who you are, this Aquarius tattoo archive will satisfy you.

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