20 Magical Bamboo Houses That You Will Dream Of Staying In Once

If you no longer love seeing modern houses and apartments, bamboo houses will give you different feelings. They are rustic yet poetic, making you feel like you are living in a peaceful wonderful land. Destinations with such awesome houses become the perfect place to relax and stay away from the hectic life.

Here, we’re sharing 20 magical bamboo houses that you will dream of staying in once. If you are big fans of bamboo architects and structures, these are right up your street. Just look how bamboos, natural building materials are turned into comfortable and attractive houses. They may inspire you that one day you will own or build one for your own. It’s probably possible, right?

#1 All-bamboo ‘Hideout Horizon’ Glamping House

#2 Most Poetic Bamboo House Ever

#3 Hideout Horizon Bamboo House

#4 Magical Bamboo House in Jungle

#5 Magical Hideout Horizon Bamboo House

#6 Bamboo House on Bali Island

#7 Bamboo Hideout Lightroom in Bali

#8 Ulaman Eco Resort in Bali

#9 Bali Magical Bamboo House

#10 Eco Bamboo Home

#11 Bamboo Flamingo Pavilion

#12 Summer House & Holiday Cottage

#13 Rustic Family Bamboo House

#14 Rustic Bamboo House with Bamboo Stair

#15 Blooming Bamboo Home

#16 Bamboo House with Modern Appeal

#17 Magical Rustic Bamboo Tree House

#18 Jungle Treehouse in Bali

#19 Cool Treehouse Hotel

#20 Bamboo House Near the Beach