20 Mesmerizing Tiny Collarbone Tattoos

I find tiny tattoos on the collar bone incredibly charming. They come in a variety of shapes, ranging from roses to words to butterflies. They fit the style of both young and mature women. The point here is which tattoo is chosen to put on your collarbone (sometimes front shoulder). They are enough to make you pretty cool when wearing off-shoulder tops and wrapped chest dresses. Can’t wait getting a tattoo in here?


We’ve rounded up 20 mesmerizing tiny collarbone tattoos to share you. If you want to get elegant and chic small tattoos on your collar bone, these are the way to go. Visit a tattoo salon and show your tattooist the tattoo you love to apply on here. As your tattoo is small, it may take less time to finish and cause you less pain than you think. Let’s check them out!

1. Feminine Collarbone Lavender Tattoo

2. Tiny Collarbone Bird Tattoo

3. Simple Rose Tattoo on Collarbone

4. Tiny Dandelion Tattoo

5. Tiny Elegant Collarbone Tattoo

6. Tiny Paper Airplane Tattoo

7. Minimalist Flower Tattoos

8. Tiny Collarbone Bird and Flower Tattoo

9. Tiny Word and Bird Tattoo on Collarbone

10. Flock of Flying Bird Tattoo