20 Plants That You Should Grow In Your Bathroom

by Sasha Ridley

    Do you know that many plants thrive in the bathroom? They just love the moisture and lighting in here. Weird isn’t it? These plants are not only a pretty natural decor for your space but also helps remove toxins in the air. Then, you can inhale clean fresh air even when you are in your bathroom. For these reasons, why don’t you use these natural air purifier?


    We’ve rounded up 20 plants that you should grow in your bathroom. We’re excited to share them to you guys. If you are wondering about plants that are ideal for your bathroom, just give these a look. Some pots of houseplant placed in here may change the appearance of your bathroom. They’re more adorable. Seeing them while relaxing on the bathtub would be perfect. I grow peace lily, pothos, and spider plants in my bathroom and they go so well. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Peace Lily

    Peace lily comes first in this collection. It’s s mostly known for its ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere through its leaves. A little water will do the trick. It also requires low light to grow, making it a perfect choice for a bathroom plant.

    Keep in mind that it can also be toxic when accidentally ingested. Please be sure that you keep the plants at a place where kids and pets can’t reach.

    #2 English Ivy

    The English Ivy makes a great indoor plant. It looks pretty on hanging baskets. It helps purify the air around you and also get rid of mold that grows in areas with high humidity. Little maintenance and low light will do the trick.

    #3 Spider Plant

    Spider plant is ideal to grow indoors in your bathroom. Its smooth arching leaves improves your bathrooms’ overall appearance. More importantly, this plant can remove up to at least 90% of pollutants and moisture in the air.

    #4 Boston Fern

    Boston Fern appreciates moist growing conditions with indirect sunlight, making it ideal to grow in your bathroom. This plant is able to absorb excess moisture from your bathroom without much of a struggle.

    #5 Mother In-Laws Tongue

    Mother- in Laws Tongue is one of the most popular of the bathroom plants that absorbs moisture. It’s able to withstand high humidity and low light.

    #6 Reed Palm

    Reed Palms thrive best in tropical and humid areas. Then, why don’t you grow it indoors in your bathroom?

    #7 Zanzibar Gem

    Other common names for Zanzibar gem are ZZ plant, Zuzu plant, aroid palm, eternity plant and emerald palm. This can withstand any sort of growing conditions ranging from low light, high humidity, low water levels as well as rapid temperature switch.

    #8 Bird’s Nest Fern

    Another plant of the fern family to grow in your bathroom is Bird’s Nest Fern. It can tolerate low light levels and the extra moisture your bathroom provide.

    #9 Cast Iron Plant

    Cast Iron Plant is also worth mentioning here. This bathroom plant can absorb excess moisture in the air and does not need a lot of watering unless the soil /potting mix is too dry.

    #10 Pothos

    Pothos is a hardy, easy-to-care-for plant that can survive in most spaces hence sometimes referred to as a “cubicle plant”. It can withstand high humidity in your bathroom.

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