20+ Simple Ideas For Growing Ivy That Bring A Natural Beauty To Your Garden

Many ivy species can be grown outdoors and make your garden more lively. They have long, vining stems that will hang down gracefully from a hanging container or climb a bamboo stick.

Let’s discover 20+ ideas about how to design ivy in your garden!

Natural growing

It makes your garden more lively

Another one

It looks like a high tower

It’s time to give triangles a try.

A green path

Country vibe


Great organization

And now, here are more ideas that you can learn

Note: No matter what type of gardening plan you’re doing, you may have some failures. It’s a normal part of gardening. Try to resist the temptation to go out and buy a bunch of expensive gardening tools, and just buy the basics and start with a few plants. One day you will have your own lovely garden.