20 Stunning Container Garden Ideas

#11 Antique Birdcage

This birdcage planter is great on a low tree branch in your backyard. Sett up your lounge chairs underneath it for a statement-making “chandelier

#12 Cup and Saucer Succulent Planter

Why not make little succulent planters out of cups and saucers? They’re are a sweet addition to your garden, indoors or out.

#13 Guthrie Wood Raised Planter with Trellis

This container garden offers room for all your plants, including a trellis for ones that like to climb.

#14 Tiered Leaning Vertical Garden

If you prefer farmhouse style, this 5-tiered vertical garden surely works with you. It’s great to stay indoors and out, holding your favorite blooms in its galvanized buckets.

#15 IKEA Lantern

This lantern can serve as a centerpiece both inside and outside. It creates shelter for several plants, so you can try with your favorite species.

#16 Watering Cans

Such a lovely addition to your garden, outdoors or out!

#17 Plastic Vertical Garden

One of the greatst ideas for plastic bottles. Your house is more stylish with this container garden.

#18 Toy Tricycle

If your kids longer need their bike, transform it into something new for you. This flower planter is great, right?

#19 Vintage Chair Garden

Turning a vintage chair into a living art display is such an interesting DIY project. Tiny succulents look beautiful in here.

#20 Colorful Tires

These colorful tire planters work well with your garden.

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