20 The Best Koi Fish Tattoo For Men To Check Out

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There are many different colors, patterns, scales, and technical applications for Koi tattoos. The koi fish is a symbol of masculinity in Japanese art and tattoos. Every year on May 5, when a new son is born into the family, the flags of the fish are raised in the hope that they grow strong. They come in blue, red, yellow, black, motley, and bright orange.

Every koi that swims up the Chinese Yellow River and passes through the “Dragon’s Gate” waterfalls is transformed from a fish into a mythical dragon in Japanese mythology. Many Irezumi depict Koi and dragons navigating turbulent waters to represent toughness and durability.

Flowers such as lotus, chrysanthemum, and sakura (cherry blossom) are also associated with koi. You’ll find a cool collection of Koi tattoo designs in these 12 best Koi fish tattoo designs, which you can incorporate into your next tattoo design.

20 Koi Fish Tattoos For Guys To Check Out

Yakuza Koi Tattoo

Some people may find tattooing yourself with a yakura-inspired design weird and insulting. However, it is a very meaningful symbol. A common Yakuza tattoo, the koi fish represents good luck and fortune in life. In an old Japanese legend, the koi fish was able to swim over a waterfall. Therefore, it also symbolizes great strength and perseverance in the goals you are working towards in life.Yakuza Koi Tattoo

Japanese Koi Sleeve Tattoo

For many people, their ultimate desire is to show off the magnificent work of art that they have spent days acquiring. Hence, they will opt for more conspicuous parts of the body to display it as a centerpiece. Here, this man decided to go with his entire arm, dedicating this special place for the Koi to swim.Japanese Koi Sleeve Tattoo

Koi Tattoo Half Sleeve

Some guys do not want to be too flamboyant. However, they still want to honor the special meaning of these beautiful creatures. Thus, you will see them rock the design on half of one hand, leaving the rest for a future tattoo.Koi Tattoo Half Sleeve

Traditional Koi Dragon

This is an example of a yakuza tattoo design. Undoubtedly, it is very eye-popping. Many men of the clan may even cover their entire body with colorful details of Koi fish or the god they worship. This includes the women in the organization or the families of the leaders.Traditional Koi Dragon

Watercolor Koi Fish Tattoo

Aside from vibrant designs, you can also go for smaller ones like these.Watercolor Koi Fish Tattoo

20 The Best Koi Fish Tattoo For Men To Check Out - 94

20 The Best Koi Fish Tattoo For Men To Check Out - 96

20 The Best Koi Fish Tattoo For Men To Check Out - 98

20 The Best Koi Fish Tattoo For Men To Check Out - 100

20 The Best Koi Fish Tattoo For Men To Check Out - 102

20 The Best Koi Fish Tattoo For Men To Check Out - 104

Small Koi Tattoo

I think watercolor design will go very well with this concept. Especially since Koi is a lovely type of fish that swims in water. Hence, the watercolor effect will give the design a more mesmerizing look.Small Koi Tattoo

Red Koi Tattoo

To me, this is a one-of-a-kind Koi tattoo style. It appears that the fish is like a type of sketch created by a painter. If you love canvas and are interested in this side of art, this is something you would like.Red Koi Tattoo

Yin Yang Koi Tattoo

These in and yang Koi fish are the symbol of the harmony between the night and darkness, good and black, sun and moon.Yin Yang Koi Tattoo

20 The Best Koi Fish Tattoo For Men To Check Out - 109

20 The Best Koi Fish Tattoo For Men To Check Out - 111

Minimalist Koi Tattoo

As the previous one, this design carries the same meaning that brings balance to your life.Minimalist Koi Tattoo

Matching Koi Tattoos

This concept can also be recreated as a couple tattoo.Matching Koi Tattoos

Koi Tattoo Leg

Although blue is not the color of nature, blue Koi fish look stunning.Koi Tattoo Leg

Koi Tattoo Chest

If you do not like colorful designs, a solid black tattoo like this will be worth considering.Koi Tattoo Chest

Koi fish tattoos are a highly sought-after design, making them a must-have body accessory for many guys. If you are also a fan of these spectacular species, have Kois drawn on your arm to confess your obsession!

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