20 Things You Can Add To Your Compost Pile

by Marry Dell

    If you are planning to make a compost pile for your organic vegetable in the garden, have you had the basic idea of what goes onto the pile? Don’t worry, your question will have the answer in this post today. Here we’ve listed a collection of 20 things that you can start adding to your compost bin. In order to see what they are, keep reading below.
    20 Things You Can Add To Your Compost Pile
    As you can see, the trashes here are peels, cores, leaves, clippings, and more, all of them are very common in everyday life. They are accumulated in large numbers with each passing day. It’s a waste if you just throw them in the garbage. Your plants can grow well by absorbing the nutrients that contain in there. Moreover, using them in a beneficial way means you are also protecting the natural environment with less waste. Now, after this article, let’s start saving them and making a compost bin for your plants.

    #1 Shredded Newspaper

    #2 Paper Towels and Napkins

    #3 Wine and Beer

    #4 Expired Spices

    #5 Bedding from Hamsters, Rabbits, and Guinea Pigs

    #6 Cotton and Wool Fabrics

    #7 Jam, Jellies, and Fruit Preserves

    #8 Used Matchsticks

    #9 Leftover Brine or Canning Liquid

    #10 Expired Yeast

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