20 Trendy Foil Nail Designs That Bring Out Your Creative Side

by Navy

    Have you ever tried a foil nail for your manicures? If not, you really missed out on an interesting nail design. A special thing about this nail style is that it looks very attractive on the nails. Be up-to-date and prepare a new one now!

    This is an easy nail art to do, it’s even easier than gel, shellac, and acrylic nails. Just apply foil over the adhesive, seal it with a top coat and you’re done.


    A Japanese-style foil nail design will be a unique and fancy design for individual girls. With two shades of pink and blue with a piece of foil on a white background, you are enough to attract many eyes.

    Source: sonailicious.com


    A black and white foil nail decorated with some flowers and a girl image will empower your feminity and strengths!

    Source: rosalimaopeliclas.com


    This nail design executes in a more subtle way and highlights every detail. Plus, the metallic foil combined with the gold screws creates a simple yet classy look.

    Source: sonailicious.com


    This minimalist leaf design may seem simple, but it’s pretty awesome. Create a full silver manicure.

    Source: unknown


    A green nail foil is another great idea!

    Source: unknown


    This nail foil is either abstract or has no clear direction. Here’s how you can incorporate shapes into a very sharp and neat nail design.

    Source: sonailicious.com


    The contrasting color of this design makes it stand out as bold. With so many different colors on this black nail polish, it looks like a real work of art.

    Source: Elite Style


    Denim nails with foil are also a great and unique idea.

    Source: sonailicious.com


    This feminine floral design is done by pairing gold with nude for a beautiful manicure.

    Source: unknown


    Use decorative gold foil on a blue metal base, finishing with a glossy finish.

    Source: PhDnails


    A rainbow foil nail design.

    Source: sonailicious.com


    Mix the color between green and red, you will have a great effect for your nails!

    Source: unknown


    Use bright pink or purple nails over a navy blue base, add rhinestones and finish with a matte finish.

    Source: unknown


    Remember to mix green foil nails with the same color accessories to attract the others perfectly!

    Source: unknown


    Add some gold effects to the nude foil nails.

    Source: Gocaranzanails


    Play with pink – white ombre and place some gold effects to draw lines and flowers!

    Source: unknown


    Do you feel a shade of autumn in this foil nail?

    Source: unknown


    Pink foil background is a famous choice of elegant girls.

    Source: unknown


    Be luxurious and mysterious with black and pink foil nail designs.

    Source: Agalorynow


    Round square foil nails will bring a natural look!

    Source: unknown

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