20+ Unique Elegant Chrome Nail Designs For This Season

by Navy

    Chrome nail is one of the unique nail styles that is especially loved by bold girls. Although it has only debuted for a short time, this nail style has created a huge storm in the beauty community.


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    The uniqueness of chrome nail designs

    Chrome nail is also called mirror nail by manicurists. This is a type of nail that creates a sparkling effect on the hands of the owner. At the same time, the reflectivity of the nail style is extremely high, so it will make the girls’ hands whiter and brighter.

    The manicurists will use a special specialized powder able to create mirror nail designs. The scientific name of this powder is chrome – the oxide coating compound is quite safe for users. The chrome crystals will adhere to the nail surface and create a unique mirror effect.


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    Colorful Unique Elegant Chrome Nail Design Ideas

    Chrome nail using the same color set is a simple choice suitable for many situations. This nail design matches both students and office workers. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the color that suits your personality. The suggestion for this year’s hot color is dreamy purple.


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    Rhinestones Unique Elegant Chrome Nail Design Ideas

    In addition to the reflective and glossy effect, many women want to create more accents for their hands. That’s why they choose to put rhinestones for the nail to decorate. This nail set is very suitable if you use it at events, parties, weddings, etc.

    Not only highly applicable, but this is also a nail model that helps her affirm her style and personality. So why not choose this nail design for your own “style”?


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    Rainbow Unique Elegant Chrome Nail Design Ideas

    An attractive chrome nail design you should not miss is the rainbow color. This is the right nail model for someone looking for her own breakthrough. Based on the color chosen, the rainbow mirror nail can have a strong effect. At the same time, this nail color can also have a female feeling and complete loveliness.


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