20 Unique Garden Art DIY Projects

20 Unique Garden Art DIY Projects

Have you ever thought that just with a little creativity and items from around the house, you can brighten your garden with these nifty DIY crafts? You totally can with some great ideas that we will share in this post. Some are so easy that anyone can make them in an afternoon, others require a little more time and skill. Great ideas are ready to make treasures from your trash. Let’s put your empty bottles on a tree for a little extra shine in your garden, or take a broken clay pot to transform into a fairy garden, and more.
20 Unique Garden Art DIY Projects
Making DIY projects at home saves money and allows your artistic ability to shine. These projects will complement your plantings and make your garden stand out compared to others in your neighborhood. It maybe is a sweet little fairy house or copper flowers, or a DIY water drop light, and more. As you see, there are a lot of creative ideas are waiting for you ahead, so whatever you choose, you will love the new features you’ve added to your garden. It’s time to choose a project based on your skill level and the style of your garden!

#1 Glass Stones Glued to Spheres

#2 Sweet Fairy House in a Planter

#3 Make a Frame with Pretty Succulents

#4 Garden Art DIY Project with Planters

#5 Ladybugs Made From Play Balls

#6 Vivid Butterflies for your Fence

#7 Teapot Pouring Gems in your Garden

#8 Make a Dragonfly from Chicken Wire

#9 Adorable DIY Garden for your Fairies

#10 DIY Concrete Globes

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