21 Awesome DIY Projects To Do With Tree Trunks

The tree trunk makes an excellent material for indoor and outdoor structures. They are rustic, hardy, easy to find. You also don’t have to spend much on DIY tree trunk projects. If you have enough patience and interest, you can definitely make unique and pretty tree trunk crafts and small furniture objects on your own. These surely create a focal point for your home.

And here are 20 awesome DIY projects to do with tree trunks I would like to share today. If you bring some simple and rustic products to your home, these are the way to go. Coffee tables, plant planters, candle holders, elegant centerpieces – there are a lot of exciting to proceed with the tree trunk. They look pretty cool inside your home and in the garden (or backyard). And your job here is to pick out your favorites and give them a try!

1. Tree Trunk Flower Vases

2. Beautiful Rustic Tree Trunk Candle Holders

3. Incredible Hanging Lamp from Tree Trunk

4. Indoor Tree Trunk Plant Stand

5. Tree Trunk Flower Bed

6. Rope Tree Trunk Shelf

7. DIY Outdoor Tree Stump Table and Chairs

8. Rustic Tree Trunk Centerpiece

9. Simple Tree Trunk Stand for Mini Plants

10. Super Simple Tree Trunk Coffee Table

11. Tree Log Succulent Planter

12. Simple Outdoor Candle Holders

13. Mini Tree Trunk Catus Planters

14. Tree Trunk Garden Table

15. Wooden Hanging Plant Stand

16. Table Tree Trunk Plant Stands for Indoors

17. Tree Stump Plant Holders

18.┬áKid’s Tree Trunk Table

19. DIY Wood Slice Wreath

20. Tree Log Plant Wall

21. Mail Post and Stump Planter