21 Best Ideas To Decorate Home With Ferns

by Sasha Ridley

    Ferns are hardy plants. They can thrive in neglect. That’s why you can find these plants in the parks, borders, and old houses. If you want to bring ferns into your bathroom or living room, just give it a try. A little maintenance will do the trick. But these strong and lush plants add a beautiful green hue to your space and make it more eye-catching. For these things, ferns are always on the fascinating houseplant list.

    This post is about 21 best ideas to decorate your home with ferns. We’re glad to share them with you guys. These plants will look pretty cool at your house without much care. Why don’t you add a favorite one to your houseplant collection? I grow some on my balcony and it is currently doing well. Grow strongly and beautifully. If you are busy or lazy plant growers, you should bring ferns into your home.

    1. Ferns in the Window

    2. Patio Hanging Ferns in Baskets

    3. Fern Planter Pot Near Bathroom Sink

    4. Small Fern Pot in Tea Tray

    5. Hanging Fern Picture Frame

    6. Beautiful Plant Fern on Coffee Table

    7. Hanging Chandelier Fern

    8. Ceiling-Hanging Bird Nest Fern

    9. Front Door with Ferns

    10. Indoor Hanging Fern in Baskets

    11. Ferns in the Bathroom

    12. Fern and Other Plants

    13. Retro 70’s American Living Room

    14. Hanging Fern Over a Wooden Railing in a Patio

    15. Fern with a Trailing Plant

    16. Ferns in Pots Over and Below an Antique Wooden Table

    17. A Green Corner with Wooden Ladder

    18. Minimalistic Decor with a Fern

    19. Fern Basket on a Wooden Stand

    20. Hanging Fern in a Golden Pot

    21. Fern on a Plant Stand

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