21 Best Vegetables That Grow Well In Shade Areas

by Marry Dell

    Not everywhere in your garden is full of sunshine, and not all vegetables need sunlight to grow, some just love growing in the shade where have cool weather. So, in the article today, we want to share the 21 Best Vegetables That Grow Well In Shade Areas that will help with your gardening work. You totally can grow these vegetables in places that have suitable conditions for their growth properties. Better, growing them means you are taking advantage of maximizing your space to have your favorite veggies for the whole family.
    21 Best Vegetables That Grow Well In Shade Areas
    Taking them a look, you see that most of them are popular vegetables. But sometimes you don’t know that they are easy to live and grow in the shade. Like other veggies, they just need to be provided with moisture, rich soil, and gotten enough water for their growth. If you do have not much experience in gardening, you also will grow them easily. Get started!

    #1 Peas

    Source: Gardenfreshrwanda

    Plant peas in containers or out in the garden in the shade of sun-loving companion plants such as tomatoes, corn, and eggplant. They will also perform well next to other vegetables in partial shade: potatoes, turnips, parsnips, and lettuce.

    #2 Turnips

    Source: Farmfreshforlife

    Turnips are an acquired taste. If that is the case, perhaps you still have some acquiring to do. After all, turnips have been a staple crop, even when other vegetables have failed.

    #3 Leeks

    Source: Plantnmore

    Leeks are a treasure to behold in the garden. Depending on when they were planted, leeks can be harvested from late summer through early spring.

    #4 Arugula

    Source: Etsy

    With every peppery bite, you can feel the strength of the sun in arugula. When it is grown in the shade, it will be exactly the same. Let provide some shade for your garden rocket so that it will not bolt in the heat.

    #5 Potatoes

    Source: Peppershomeandgarden

    You can grow potatoes in shade, as long as they can get 8-10 hours full of sunlight. Their flowers have a good chance to blossom under the sun, the plants will actually appreciate a respite from the bright all-day glare.

    #6 Kale

    Source: Homedepot

    Kale tolerates cooler temperatures and will provide you with nutritious greens late into fall.

    #7 Broccoli

    Source: Growjoy

    Broccoli is a very easy crop to grow, so long as you keep it watered and free of weeds. Plant your broccoli at the edge of the garden, and leave it alone to bask in the partial sun and shade.

    #8 Lettuce

    Source: Gardeningchores

    For salads, burger toppings, and lettuce soup, you’ll be happy to harvest handfuls of fresh leaves from your backyard garden. Grow them in shade and make sure you have a fence to keep unwanted visitors away like chickens or ducks.

    #9 Cabbage

    Source: Deepgreenpermaculture

    Planting them in partial shade, and getting 6 hours of sunlight a day, will give the cabbage a chance to flourish in warmer temperatures.

    #10 Sorrel

    Source: Wildfooduk

    There are 2 shade-loving types to plant in your garden: French sorrel and Garden sorrel. Cut a few leaves and they will come back.

    #11 Carrots

    Source: Bustlingnest

    Carrots are one of those garden items that you can pull straight out of the soil, wipe it clean, and munch on straight away. They come with their own growing challenges, such as nematodes, rotting seeds, and gnarled roots, yet they are not impossible to grow, they need to be given the right conditions.

    #12 Watercress

    Source: Organicgardener

    One more perennial to make the list of shade-tolerant greens is watercress. They contain the highest amounts of vitamins and minerals. Growing in the shade for a small amount of peppery watercress that you can harvest throughout the year.

    #13 Spinach

    Source: Allaboutgardening

    Spinach prefers cooler weather, so be sure to plant it early enough in the season, keep it watered regularly and give it all the shade it can handle.

    #14 Cauliflower

    Source: Ngb

    Though cauliflower grows well in full sun, it also appreciates shade during hot summers, as it is a cool-season crop.

    #15 Brussels Sprouts

    Source: Gardenclinic

    Brussels sprouts thrive in shade. Another benefit of growing Brussels sprouts is that they can be harvested well into the winter months. Use their height to your advantage and plant a shorter season crop between the rows of peas and bush beans is a great start.

    #16 Mustard Greens

    Source: Guiniridge

    Collard greens grow well in a shady spot with 4 hours or so of sunlight

    #17 Celery

    Source: Horticulture

    Not the easiest vegetable to grow in terms of neediness, celery certainly has its charms. With a shady spot in the garden, you may just love its presence too.

    #18 Radishes

    Source: Rhs

    Best planted in spring or at the end of summer because this vegetable really does not like the extreme heat of summer. They are wonderful little garden gems because they mature fast, leaving you with plenty of room in the garden for a second crop.

    #19 Garlic

    Source: Gardenbeast

    Plant garlic at home instead of buying outside. It just needs shade to grow.

    #20 Swiss Chard

    Source: Harvesttotable

    Swiss chard is easy to grow, low-maintenance, yet productive and shade-tolerant too. It provides a lot of nutrients like vitamin A and C, calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium.

    #21 Green Onions

    Source: Veggiegardener

    Plant green onions in areas with less sunlight and enjoy them all summer long, while those sun-loving plants can bask in all their glory.

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