21 Classic and Soothing Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Have you ever thought that you forget what your garden is? It can bring a respite from the rest of the world. It is a place of calm, tranquil, and relaxing, even if you play and entertain there as well. And water as an element, a perfect addition in your garden to disguise noise in the neighborhood, add a sense of nature, and soothe ourselves. That is the reason why in this article today, we are so glad to share 21 classic and soothing outdoor water fountain ideas that will inspire you.
    21 Classic and Soothing Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas
    Water in the garden adds a natural element that can’t be beaten and give your garden a fresh and cool space. It is so great when seeing and hearing water that calms the spirit and makes you feel more connected with your garden and yard. Do you know that you also can make your own outdoor fountain with just a few inexpensive supplies? These ideas here are great examples to try. Try one of these tutorials to get you started on loving your new outdoor fountain!

    #1 Cool Water Fountain

    #2 Bamboo DIY Water Fountain

    #3 Concrete Outdoor Water Fountain

    #4 Awesome Backyard Fountain

    #5 Natural Stone Aquarock Fountain

    #6 The Nashville Concrete Fountain

    #7 Avery Concrete Garden Terrace Fountain

    #8 The Recife Concrete Outdoor Fountain

    #9 A River Rock Fountain

    #10 A Classic Urn Fountain

    #11 DIY Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

    #12 Double DIY Outdoor Water Fountain

    #13 DIY Bubble Fountain

    #14 Double Bubbler Outdoor Fountain

    #15 DIY Solar Garden Fountain

    #16 A Simple Bubble Garden Fountain

    #17 DIY Wall Fountains

    #18 Sphere Garden Fountains

    #19 Container Outdoor Garden Fountains

    #20 Copper Water Wall

    #21 Pretty Mini Garden With Your Fountain

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