21 Creative Over The Toilet Storage Ideas

21 Creative Over The Toilet Storage Ideas

When it comes to the storage zone, most of you often don’t think of a bathroom because it is small. It is a waste while it totally helps you accommodate a lot of stuff and be as convenient and comfortable as a large one. Maybe you don’t know that when you focus on the correct storage solutions and thinking mostly vertically, your bathroom can turn into a stylish place with a strong design connection to other rooms in your home. And in the post today, we’ve listed 21 Creative Over The Toilet Storage Ideas that will make your bathroom more comfortable and welcoming.
21 Creative Over The Toilet Storage Ideas
These ideas have different storage ideas to suit everyone’s taste from simple to rustic. Whether you love any style we believe that you also find one for your bathroom after reading this post. They are the best of the best solutions to add an extra storage place over your toilet, and you will be able to arrange some of the detergents, cosmetics, or most used items in that space without any clutter. Check them out with is if you are ready!

#1 Storage Shelves

#2 Storage Baskets

#3 Wood Bathroom Shelves

#4 Charming Wood Storage Shelves

#5 Wall Mounted Wooden Toilet Paper Shelf Holder

#6 Chic Hanging Storage Shelves

#7 Chic Over The Toilet Shelves

#8 Country Chic Metal And Wood Shelves

#9 Macrame Toilet Roll Holder

#10 Hanging Basket