21 Easy And Inexpensive Handmade Cement Garden Projects

by Marry Dell

    You are looking for beautiful landscape structures and long-lasting with time, go for the 21 Easy and Inexpensive Handmade Cement Garden Projects today. Cement projects have a lot more versatile as well as have many advantages. For example, the material is very smooth, safe, and resistant. Also, they can stand harsh weather, use, time, and heavy-weighted objects.
    21 Easy And Inexpensive Handmade Cement Garden Projects
    Cement is such a great material to work with, not to mention quite affordable. It is so easy to mix and mold and when it’s finished, you can paint it, leave it plain or decorate it in any number of other ways. Apart from having use-value for a long time, these concrete built-in planters are so beautiful with their original color without painting colors. Cement is also fairly easy to make and patch if something is to happen to your original piece. So, just by having a bag of cement lying around, you can add some beauty and interest to your garden.

    #1 Cement Garden Bench

    Source: Leelahloves

    #2 DIY Small Fire Pit

    Source: Bhg

    #3 Fake Rock

    Source: Rainchainsinanutshell

    #4 Round Concrete Chair

    Source: Concretedecor

    #5 Beautiful Concrete Garden Furniture

    Source: Interiorzine

    #6 A Water Feature With Cement Leaves

    Source: Engineeringdiscoveries

    #7 Garden Stepping Stone

    Source: Rootedinthyme

    #8 Cement Balloon Planters

    Source: Balconydecoration

    #9 Concrete Flower Planter

    Source: Mydesiredhome

    #10 Outdoor Table

    Source: Homesthetics

    #11 Cement Side Table

    Source: Makingmanzanita

    #12 Outdoor Bar From Cement

    Source: Outdoor Bar

    #13 Concrete Bird Bath

    Source: Bhg

    #14 Giant Concrete Garden Orbs

    Source: Homesthetics

    #15 Cement Planters

    Source: Tuinseizoen

    #16 Cement House Number

    Source: Ehow

    #17 Concrete Balls

    Source: Fairegarden

    #18 Garden Bench Cinder Block

    Source: Jennifer

    #19 Cement Candle Holder

    Source: Centsationalstyle

    #20 Cement Hosta Plant

    Source: Celeste Greco Kotuby

    #21 Concrete Plant Stand

    Source: Dwellinginhappiness

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