21 Everyday Things That You Can Reuse For Your Garden

21 Everyday Things That You Can Reuse For Your Garden

#11 Shoe Racks

An over-the-door shoe or accessory organizer can make a great planter, or you can place mini herb pots.

#12 Light Bulbs

You can start your seeds indoors in light bulbs, or you can take those same light bulbs and use them as planters. Impressive!

#13 Milk Jugs

If an unexpected frost threatens your garden plants, just cut the top off the jugs and flip them upside down over your plants. The jugs will protect your young plants.

#14 Toys

If your kid has grown too old to play with his toy trucks, you can turn them into a planter.

#15 Wooden Spoons

Just like regular spoons, you should save them and use them as markers in your garden. You’ll be able to write or paint directly on them.

#16 Toilet Paper Tubes

Don’t throw out those empty toilet paper. Instead, recycle them. You can fold them at the bottom and fill them with soil to use them as plantable.

#17 Chairs

Have a few broken chairs lying around? You can use them to sit in the garden and you could also use them as planters or plant shelves, too.

#18 Mattress Springs

You can use the old springs from unused mattress to make a DIY trellis that will support your vining vegetables and other plants.

#19  Broken Dishes

Don’t throw out those broken dishes just yet. Instead, pick up the pieces and use them to make a gorgeous mosaic stepping stone for the garden like this.

#20 Cupcake Pans

A cupcake pan also is a great planter to start your seeds.

#21 Trash Bins

An easy way to upcycle trash bins is to use them as rain barrels with spouts. You can also use them to make your own compost bins.

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