21 Fruits That You Can Grow in Balcony, Rooftop, and Patio

by Marry Dell

    You love planting, but you don’t have a large garden. Don’t worry! In this post today, we will share a list of fruits that you can create your own garden in limited spaces. And here are 21 fruits that you can grow on a balcony, rooftop, or patio that will blow your mind. It’s time to turn your small space into a fruit orchard. Ready to check them out with us.
    21 Fruits That You Can Grow in Balcony, Rooftop, and Patio
    When it comes to decorating a home, growing fruit is one of the most popular trends and is preferred by many people in recent years. These fruits not only bring unique beauty but also suit to place all space, especially for small spaces, they can bring a structure to your little open space. So, if you are planning for your balcony, these fruits are great candidates to choose from. What could be more amazing than enjoying fresh and delicious fruits at right your house, right? Instead of buying them outside, you can eat organic fruits at all times. Grow them with us!

    #1 Apple

    An apple a day keeps a doctor away, so how about growing this on your balcony.

    #2 Blueberry

    You can even plant blueberries in hanging baskets.

    #3 Strawberry

    When it comes to fruits for a small space, strawberry is best, and you can grow it in any climate as an annual.

    #4 Apricot

    As dwarf apricot varieties don’t grow tall, they’re a perfect specimen for growing in a patio pot.

    #5 Plum

    Grow plums not only for juicy fruits but also for their gorgeous display of flowers.

    #6 Lemon

    A Dwarf lemon plant can be the best focal point of your balcony, looking charming with glossy, oblong leaves, fragrant flowers, and juicy fruits!

    #7 Citrus

    You can grow citrus trees easily in pots, oranges, kumquats, calamondin, and limequats, to name a few.

    #8 Raspberry

    Raspberry bushes are a perfect fruit plant to grow on a deck garden. There are many short cultivars available.

    #9 Guava

    If you live in a hot climate, grow a guava tree on your terrace. It will look good in a pot and provide privacy as well.

    #10 Peach

    You can reduce a dwarf peach tree to 6 feet height and relish homegrown peaches in your patio garden. Growing it is easy.

    #11 Banana

    The banana tree may not be appropriate for a balcony, but growing it in a pot is possible in a patio and rooftop garden.

    #12 Avocado

    A balcony with good air circulation can be a great place to grow avocados.

    #13 Cranberry

    Cranberry can be grown on your balcony if you have got the right climate for it. To grow cranberries at home, you’ll need very acidic soil and a cool temperate climate.

    #14 Pineapple

    Witnessing this tropical delight growing is an experience, and you can have on your balcony or rooftop.

    #15 Cucamelon

    Cucamelons are a great option for patio and terrace gardens, and growing them is truly rewarding, thanks to the fresh cucumber taste with a hint of lime.

    #16 Cherry

    Beautiful blossoms and a lot of fruits is what cherry comes with. It can grow happily on your sunny balcony.

    #17 Pomegranate

    With or without fruits, the pomegranate shrub is a very ornamental plant. It’s less demanding and adaptable to container culture.

    #18 Fig

    A fig tree can be grown for its decorative foliage, and it fruits heavily as well. Figs grow best in a warm climate, but you can also grow them in colder regions with some protective measures in winter.

    #19 Olive

    Olive trees are known for their decorative touch. You can have one on your deck, too, if you can provide the Mediterranean climate as they prefer mild winters.

    #20 Papaya

    Easy to grow and produce, papaya trees can be grown in pots easily. They prefer a warm climate.

    #21 Gooseberry

    Gooseberries aren’t too fussy about growing as long as you have a sunny balcony.

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