21 Fruits That You Can Grow in Balcony, Rooftop, and Patio

21 Fruits That You Can Grow in Balcony, Rooftop, and Patio

#11 Banana

The banana tree may not be appropriate for a balcony, but growing it in a pot is possible in a patio and rooftop garden.

#12 Avocado

A balcony with good air circulation can be a great place to grow avocados.

#13 Cranberry

Cranberry can be grown on your balcony if you have got the right climate for it. To grow cranberries at home, you’ll need very acidic soil and a cool temperate climate.

#14 Pineapple

Witnessing this tropical delight growing is an experience, and you can have on your balcony or rooftop.

#15 Cucamelon

Cucamelons are a great option for patio and terrace gardens, and growing them is truly rewarding, thanks to the fresh cucumber taste with a hint of lime.

#16 Cherry

Beautiful blossoms and a lot of fruits is what cherry comes with. It can grow happily on your sunny balcony.

#17 Pomegranate

With or without fruits, the pomegranate shrub is a very ornamental plant. It’s less demanding and adaptable to container culture.

#18 Fig

A fig tree can be grown for its decorative foliage, and it fruits heavily as well. Figs grow best in a warm climate, but you can also grow them in colder regions with some protective measures in winter.

#19 Olive

Olive trees are known for their decorative touch. You can have one on your deck, too, if you can provide the Mediterranean climate as they prefer mild winters.

#20 Papaya

Easy to grow and produce, papaya trees can be grown in pots easily. They prefer a warm climate.

#21 Gooseberry

Gooseberries aren’t too fussy about growing as long as you have a sunny balcony.

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