Don’t Throw Your Bamboo Sticks, These 20+ Ideas Will Help You Make Beautiful Crafts From It

Bamboo is a useful material which can be used and reused in many projects. Today, One Million Ideas will introduce you DIY projects made from bamboo.

For people who love to beautify home with regular components, wood is not just alternative. Bamboo is another wonderful decision. This natural material is known for green, solid, frivolous and incredibly inexhaustible component.

Bamboo shelf

So simple and easy to follow

A good design

Country vibe

Genious design with bamboo

Another great example

Make levels of shelf

You can make it if you just see this picture 

Shiny green bamboo sticks will be use to make attractive chairs

An appropriate arrangement

Here are some interesting designs with bamboo. Check it out! 

Bamboo is a cheap natural material that many people can afford. Making a bamboo table or bamboo shelf is totally simple and modest. Anybody can create their own furniture and so do you!