21 Impressive Water Garden Ideas

by Marry Dell

    There is nothing better than relaxing beside a beautiful outdoor water garden in your own backyard, right? Your dream will become true with great ideas that we want to share in this post today. With these ideas here, whether your yard is small or big, you will find one water feature that is suitable for your space as well as your budget. Now, keep reading to explore them with us!
    21 Impressive Water Garden Ideas
    They look so beautiful. To have that beauty you will have to spend your time planting and preparing. But the great results will yield hours of relaxation in nature just footsteps from your own home. So, don’t hesitate, save them and make one for your yard. No matter how you want to impress the neighbors or just create a beautiful space where you can unwind at the end of the day, these water garden ideas will keep you preferred.

    #1 Peaceful Pond

    A water garden resembles a natural pond habitat. This idea is for you, it will help you closer to nature.

    #2 Perfect Circle

    This small water feature is bordered by bricks, making it a nice addition to the simple gravel patio. Natural plantings soften the perfect circle. A pergola adds height and dimension to this outdoor space.

    #3 Garden Gazebo

    Adding a wooden gazebo near your water garden will provide ideal shade seating.

    #4 Cottage Charm

    A miniature water feature can be “just right” size-wise for a cottage garden.

    #5 Bold Foliage

    Dramatic crimson foliage adds excitement to this garden. It will also create beautiful reflections off the water at sunset.

    #6 Tumbling Waterfall

    Whenever we see water tumbling over layers of rock, we think of a mountain stream bubbling over the landscape.

    #7 Hidden Bistro Table

    If you look closely, you will notice a hidden bistro table and chairs. Sitting beside this water garden would be the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea and a scone on a summer morning.

    #8 Mini Waterfalls

    This water garden is small, and the landscaping is relatively simple. But the addition of two small waterfalls of varying heights gives it an unexpected twist.

    #9 Koi Pond

    Koi ponds make us feel as though we’ve stepped into a Zen garden. When a brightly-colored koi fish catches your eye.

    #10 Tiny Watering Hole

    Although this is probably one of the tiniest in-ground water gardens, it has plenty of charm. Flanked by arborvitae, irises, a terra cotta pot, and a variety of rocks.

    #11 Antique Masonry

    The masonry on this water feature is beautiful and adds a ton of vintage charm to this stone patio.

    #12 “Ramble On”

    If you have enough room in your yard, you could create a water feature that resembles a gently moving stream.

    #13 Contemporary Reflection Pond

    Instead of filling up a plastic kiddie pool with a garden hose, here is a much more refined way to add a water feature to your yard.

    #14 Rustic Duck Spout

    Carved duck statues in varying shapes and sizes give this water feature a lot of personalities.

    #15 Wishing Fountain

    This tiered fountain looks right at home among the colorful plants, patio furniture, and brick walkway.

    #16 Funky Fountain

    This water feature has a cool retro vibe. With its gray color and industrial shape, it would look great in an urban roof garden or a city backyard with a rustic flair.

    #17 Maximum Minimalism

    Sometimes simple really is best. But you will be tempted to sit on the wooden planks and dip your toes in.

    #18 Classical Style

    The statue in this garden gives it an “Old World” kind of charm. If you want to add a European flair to your water garden, consider including an antique statue that shows natural signs of age.

    #19 Tiered Granite

    This intriguing water feature feels authentic as if the water slowly sculpted the rock over many centuries.

    #20 Simple Bamboo Spigot

    With the clean lines and utilitarian functionality in this simple bamboo spigot, the water just looks so refreshing.

    #21 Row Your Boat Home

    This large pond is an ultimate water garden inspiration.

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