21 Inspiring Green-friendly Pathway Ideas From Pinterest

21 Inspiring Green-friendly Pathway Ideas From Pinterest

There are many creative ways to design a special and beautiful garden pathway that can attract guests when going to visit for the first time. If you want to have a green-friendly garden path, a wide range of ideas today is for you. From crushed stones to old pallets, rustic brick to concrete, these gorgeous walkway ideas can take you wherever you want to go in your landscaping. Check them out with us!
21 Inspiring Green-friendly Pathway Ideas From Pinterest
Nature has provided us with many resources that we can make good use of them in our everyday lives. So, in addition to combining flowers, plants to make a dreamy natural path, other natural materials that also are recommended for pathway flooring are crushed gravel and natural pavers. All of them are a very creative option that is also green-friendly, they provide a pleasant atmosphere and do not require much maintenance. If you are lucky to own a large garden or yard, it’s time to start with one!

#1 Green Grass Path For Flower Garden

Image Credits: Flickr

#2 A Beautiful Green Walkway Gets The Rays of Sunlight In The Early Morning

Image Credits: Sdisf

#3 Garden Side Path with Plants Around

Image Credits: Elledecor

#4 Crushed Stone Path With Flowers and Plants Two Sides

Image Credits: Robert-broekema

#5 Country Path with Grass and Wildflowers

Image Credits: Flagstones

#6 Lavender Flower For Rustic Brick Path

Image Credits: Tuinateliehermanvermeulen

#7 Crushed Stone Path with Wild Purple Flowers Two Sides and Flowering Vine Above

Image Credits: Flickr

#8 Beautiful Bloomings Path

Image Credits: Eachlittleworld

#9 A Rustic Path with Flowers, Pebbles, Old Wooden Pallets

Image Credits: Gardenholic

#10 Rock Path With Flowers, Plants, and Tall Trees

Image Credits: Tuintuin