21 Serene Garden Patio Designs

21 Serene Garden Patio Designs

#11 Tropical Garden Patio Surrounded By Lush Tropical Plants And Trees

#12 Stunning True-garden Patio Situated Directly In The Middle Of A Large Flower Bed

#13 Brick Patio In The Middle Of The Yard With Umbrella Surrounded By Lush Gardens

#14 Patio surrounded by trees with large fireplace

#15 Flagstone Patio With Tall Grass Border and Also Bordered By Sloping Garden

#16 Small Square Patio Surrounded By Gardens and Rock Pathways

#17 Rock Patio On Edge Of Drop-off Looking Into Forested Ravine

#18 Cross-shaped Patio With Plant Beds Surrounding The Patio

#19 Small Stone Patio Loaded With Potted Plants And Flowers

#20 Urban Dining Patio Surrounded By Gardens

#21 Traditional Patio Surrounded By Plants, Flowers, And Trees

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