21 Unique Ideas To Reuse Bottle Caps For Beautiful Home Decorating

by Marry Dell

    There are many ways to recycle unused items and bottle caps are one of them! Moreover, recycling bottle caps is exciting, creative, and eco-friendly. So, in the post, we will share 21 Unique Ideas to Reuse Bottle Caps For Beautiful Home Decorating that you will be amazed at. They can help create amazing furniture and cheap home decorations for your rooms and outdoor living spaces, adding color and original design to your home decor. If you love creativity and DIY projects, you shouldn’t ignore them.
    21 Unique Ideas To Reuse Bottle Caps For Beautiful Home Decorating
    Bottle caps are great to recycle because they are small and easy to craft. Instead of throwing your bottle caps away, let’s save and turn them into your own artworks such as a clock, cap curtain, table, happy smile, basket, or wall decoration that you can use and enjoy all time. Not only turning used bottle caps into unique and functional or decorative objects to decorate the home more interesting but you can also teach your kids to be creative and resourceful, and helps save money on home decorating while having lots of fun. With billions of bottle caps flooding every day, every year, these ideas are great ways to protect to reuse them!

    #1 Bottle Cap Clocks

    #2 Plastic Bottle Cap Curtain

    #3 Bottle Cap Table

    #4 Bottle Cap Candles

    #5 Bottle Cap Garden Flowers

    #6 Bottle Cap Happy Smiles

    #7 Bottle Cap Wreath

    #8 Bottle Cap Basket

    #9 Bottlecap Serving Tray

    #10 Bottle Cap Pin Badge Flair

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