21 Vastu Plants for Home Which Brings In Health, Harmony, and Wealth

21 Vastu Plants for Home Which Brings In Health, Harmony, and Wealth

#11 Peony

Peony is an alluring flowering plant, which signifies optimism and love. It gives an appealing look to gardens and homes and helps in enhancing relationships.

#12 Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is considered to be a symbol of happiness, optimism, positive energy, and good luck. It offers a peaceful and easygoing life.

#13 Orchid

Orchid is a mesmerizing flower and also associated with good luck when planted indoors. It brings positive energy, prosperity, and growth.

#14 Jasmine

Jasmine has white flowers with a pleasant smell that can lift your mood. It spreads positive energy, destroys negative vibes, and promotes love.

#15 Marigold

The warm tone flowers of the marigold will not only add oomph to your place but will also bring positive energy to the family.

#16 Daffodils

Daffodil helps in bringing fortune and rewards in professional life. Grow it in the north or in a north-eastern direction to reap maximum benefits.

#17 Hibiscus

Hibiscus helps in spreading a lot of positivity and vibrant energy.

#18 Neem Tree

Growing neem tree in the north-west corner of the garden brings positivity and happiness. Plant it close to a bedroom as the air flowing through its leaves promotes good health to the family.

#19 Mango Tree

The mango tree has medicinal values and its leaves are used for many religious ceremonies in the Indian subcontinent and considered very auspicious. Planting a mango tree in the west, south, and south-west corner of the garden brings positivity.

#20 Jack Fruit Tree

Plant it in the south, south-west, or northwest direction for good health and positivity.

#21 Coconut Tree

The tree brings stability and progress in the household. It removes negativity and brings positivity in the house.

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