22 Amazing DIY Terra Cotta Pot Projects For Outdoor Décor

#11 Nautical Pots

An easy yet funny DIY terra cotta craft you should do with your kids.

#12 Clay Pot Lighthouse

Your kids would love this lighthouse so bad!

#13 Terra Cotta People

You will need various sizes of pots, saucers, a power drill, wire, and washers.

#14 Bird Feeder

There is no need to buy bird feeders. You can definitely make a good one from terra cotta pots.

#15 Mosaic Clay Pots

Want to make your clay pots less boring? Just add mosaic decorations to them.

#16 Saucer Welcome Sign

One of the best ideas for reusing terra cotta pot saucer.

#17 Clay Pot Christmas Soldier

You should try this with next Christmas!

#18 DIY Outdoor Table

Set up an outdoor table in less than 5 minutes. Just paint your table with favorite paintings to make it more eye-catching.

#19 Clay Pot Smoker

This clay pot smoker is so great. You can cook chicken and many other foods in here.

#20 Water Fountain

Finding an amazing water fountain made from planters? This terra cotta project is right up your street.

#21 Chalkboard Pot

There is so much fun with this chalkboard pot!

#22 Bell Tower Chime

Your garden would love this bell tower chime from terra cotta pots.

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