22 Awesome Cinder Block Garden Ideas

Cinder blocks are easy and cheap material for house and garden projects. You can definitely make simple flower planters or rustic garden benches out of them. These cinder block products are hardy and resistant, serving for years regardless of how hard the weather is. Not just that, they are a pretty cool garden décor. If you want them more eye-catching when standing out there, you can paint them with favorite colors and patterns. So good, right?

In this article, we’re glad to share 22 awesome cinder block garden ideas. If you want to bring this incredibly cheap and hardy material to your garden, these are right up your street. Some projects are super easy to proceed with, cinder block flower beds, for instance. All you need to do is to put the blocks in layers and grow your favorite plants in. Let’s give them a try!

1. Concrete Block Planter Wall with Lights

2. Black Succulent Cinder Block Garden

3. Easy Backyard Succulent Block Garden

4. Front Yard Cinder Block Garden

5. Mosaic Cinder Block Garden

6. Cinder Block Bar and Garden

7. Concrete Garden Beds

8. Stunning Cinder Block Wall Garden

9. Painting Concrete Planters

10. Orange Cinder Block Garden

11. Flower Cinder Block Garden

12. Simple Flower Concrete Planters

13. Decorative Cinder Block Planter

14. Easy DIY Succulent Block Planters

15. Cinder Block Succulent Borders

16. Corner Brick Planter

17. Vertical Garden from Cinder Blocks

18. Black and White Cinder Block Garden

19. Cinder Block Plant Wall

20. Cinder Block Planter Shelf

21. Cinder Block Garden Edge