If some of the rooms in your house or apartment quite small, it’s time to stop seeing this as an issue. You just need to know how to take advantage of the space within it, and then you’ll even be able to live and work in the tiniest cupboard, socialize with family, and spend time in comfort with your partner.

    One Million Ideas has chosen 22 of the best ideas for designing small living spaces to give you some inspiration. These ideas are practical and easy to do. Let’s see it!

    #22. A second level on a shelf

    #21. Pull-out beds for 2 children

    #20. A perfect solution for your small bedroom

    #19. Living room or a bedroom, why not?

    #18. Bedroom above, workspace below. A great organization!

    #17. How to make an attic room comfortable

    #16. An open space with light and airy option

    #15. A great room for book-lovers

    #14. Minimalist design makes perfection

    #13. Your kids will be happy

    #12. A room with a secret bed

    #11. A good idea for narrow, rectangular-shaped rooms

    #10. A bed in a cupboard (it’s better than we imagined!)

    #9. An perfect room for a teenager

    #8. Just a great design with fresh, clean, nothing excessive factors

    #7. A very stunning decoration of the walls

    #6. High enough for you to think you’re living in a cloud

    #5. A great combination of bedroom and living room 

    #4. A excellent use of space in the bedroom

    #3. Simple but effective

    #2. A phenomenal amount of storage space under the bed

    #1.A modular bed

    These are 22 small room ideas and tricks that can be used for how to make your room look bigger. We created this complete list because we wanted to inspire and encourage you to use your imagination and creativity to renovate your room. Good luck!

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