22 Beautiful Window Plant Shelf Ideas

It’s always great to plant some plants on the window. They not only spruce up the window space but also add more green hue to it. You can simply grow your plants in pots and place them here. If you want to give your plants pretty cool living space on the window, just install a DIY plant shelf. Many herbs, flowers, and other beautiful plants thrive here.

In this post, I’m glad to share 22 beautiful window plant shelf ideas. The shelf is an excellent choice to grow many plants in the same place. It also saves you a lot of space. These interesting indoor DIY garden projects work with both the kitchen window and the bathroom window. If you want to have a small pretty plant shelf right in your bedroom or living room, you may also give these a try. Let’s check them out!

1. DIY Glass Floating Window Shelf

2. Transparent Shelf with Blinds

3. Hanging Window Shelf for Flowers

4. DIY Hanging Plant Window Shelf

5. Window Garden with Steel Shelf Brackets

6. Hanging Shelf for Succulents

7. Cool Indoor Shelf

8. Another Chic Hanging Window Shelf

9. Simple Window Shelf with a Floating Ledge

10. Rustic Single Wooden Window Shelf

11. Modern Kitchen Window Shelf

12. Bay Window Plant Shelf

13. Cute Hanging Window Self

14. Vintage Window Shelf

15. Herb Garden on the Window

16. Wooden Shelf for Different Pots

17. Window Shelf with Colorful Pots

18. Compact Window Shelf

19. Boho Hanging Window Shelf for Small Pots

20. Single Glass Shelf

21. Transparent Shelves for Succulents

22. Floating Window Shelves for Vine Plants