23 Creative Potting Bench Ideas

22 Creative Potting Bench Ideas

If you have an old potting bench, you don’t know ways to reuse them instead of throwing them out. You are on the right track to find inspiration, here we’ve listed 22 creative potting bench ideas that you will fall in love with. These ideas here are great gifts for those who love crafting inside the home, so you maybe discover that you also love beautifying your lawn. Every gardener needs a good workspace, and you too, right? These pretty and practical potting bench ideas are for you, check them out!
23 Creative Potting Bench Ideas
A potting bench was little more than a simple, narrow table pushed off to one side of your home, garage, or porch, they can be turned into useful items and decorate your garden more beautiful. While a table is still the ideal surface for potting, avid gardeners are finding lots of fun new ways to add some personality to these utilitarian tables. Repurposed furniture, bright finishes, and whimsical accessories are just a few ways you can make your potting bench feel fresh. Try these ideas for this weekend!

#1 Whitewashed Picket Fence Backing Board

Image Credits: Gardeningandpatio

#2 Easy Upcycled Door and Sawhorse Potting Table

Image Credits: Thetrendinghouse

#3 A Cute Cubby Hole Herb Garden

Image Credits: Homebnc

#4 Bloom Where You’re Planted with Lime

Image Credits: Farmfoodfamily

#5 Repurposed Old Door Potting Bench Idea

Image Credits: Bestdoor

#6 Super Functional Pallet Potting Station

Image Credits: Homebnc

#7 Never Enough Thyme but Plenty of Wood

Image Credits: Farmfoodfamily

#8 Chalkboard Accents, Firewood, and Other Whimsies

Image Credits: Woodeasytobuild

#9 A Pieced Together Garden Center

Image Credits: Thetrendinghome

#10 Pretty as a Picture Blue Potting Bench

Image Credits: Familyfoodgarden

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