22 DIY Hanging Herb Garden To Save Small Space Indoors

by Marry Dell

    If you are short of space but still want to grow your favorite herbs, then try these interesting Hanging Herb Garden Ideas! When you just have a small garden space, you still have plenty of vertical space to grow your flavorful herbs. So, you shouldn’t let the limited space problem thwart you from growing herbs that can make your food flavorful. Read on and select some of the 22 DIY Hanging Herb Garden To Save Small Space Indoors and create more space for planting your favorite herbs and salad greens.
    22 DIY Hanging Herb Garden To Save Small Space Indoors
    Planting garden vegetables indoors is not only an ideal solution for those who lack gardening space, but it can also provide any family with organic and tasty homegrown produce all season of the year. Also, hanging gardens are great ways to fill up your boring space in your home as well as bring green plants to your life that can be close to nature more. For the above good reasons, we are so glad to introduce the creative ideas for those who love gardening and green space.

    #1 DIY Hanging Paint Can Herb Garden

    Source: Simplestylings

    #2 Clay Pot Hanging Herb Garden

    Source: Hgvt

    #3 Mini Wine Bottle Herb Garden

    Source: Housebeautiful

    #4 Hanging Window Planter

    Source: Janice Spencer

    #5 Hanging Herb Kitchen Garden

    Source: Countryliving

    #6 Hanging Yellow Bamboo Herb Garden

    Source: Tuacasa

    #7 Hanging Pocket Herb Garden

    Source: Bhg

    #8 Tin Can Upside Down Herb Garden

    Source: Hgvt

    #9 Macrame Hanging Herb Garden For Window

    Source: Balconygardenweb

    #10 Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden

    Source: Onelombard

    #11 Hanging Shelves Herb Garden With Pretty Clay Pot

    Source: Freshmommyblog

    #12 Hanging Shelves Herb Garden With Old Clay Pots

    Source: Todeschini

    #13 Bright Colorful Herb Garden

    Source: Wuestenrot

    #14 Kitchen Herb Garden

    Source: Micasarevista

    #15 Hanging Herrb Garden

    Source: Amazon

    #16 Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden

    Source: Bystephanielynn

    #17 Stylish Herb Garden

    Source: Ikea

    #18 Hanging Herb Garden With White Pots

    Source: Theodysseyonline

    #19 Hanging Herb Garden With Dry Branch

    Source: Meuestilodecor

    #20 Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden With Rope

    Source: Publix

    #21 Hanging Basket Herb Garden

    Source: Thespruce

    #22 Hanging Bucket Herb Garden

    Source: Diynetwork

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