22 DIY Mirror Frame Ideas You Can Make Easily At Home

by Marry Dell

    A mirror is an easy way to update your home decor, so if a mirror is placed in the right spot, it can be a powerful asset to any room. Are you finding ways to make a DIY mirror frame to add a new accent to your interior decor? Here are a whopping 22 DIY Mirror Frame Ideas You Can Make Easily At Home for you to choose from. Whether you want to upcycle, recycle, or make something beautiful from scratch, you’ll want to check out our ideas today.
    22 DIY Mirror Frame Ideas You Can Make Easily At Home
    You can make your own mirror frame using a variety of different materials. Upcycle a round wooden, build a PVC pipe frame, use ropes to make a frame, twine, and even seashell can instantly transform to match your style. From antique-inspired to modern, check out these DIY mirror frames that will elevate your space. These ideas will transform any plain mirror into a gorgeous statement piece without breaking the bank.

    #1 Easy Mosaic Tile Mirror Frame

    Source: Helen Swanton

    #2 Shell Mirrors

    Source: Seashore-chic

    #3 Wood Shim Starburst Wall Mirror

    Source: Hometalk

    #4 Mirror And Mirror

    Source: Ebba Palmstierna

    #5 Natural Pebble Mirror Frame

    Source: Jeff Wischlinski

    #6 Rope Mirror Frame

    Source: Primainspirace

    #7 PVC Pipe Mirror

    Source: Stylemotivation

    #8 Another Seashell Mirror

    Source: Seashore-chic

    #9 A DIY Round Wooden Mirror

    Source: Topinspired

    #10 DIY Velvet Mirror

    Source: Hometalk

    #11 Simple Frame Mirror With Rope

    Source: Apartmenttherapy

    #12 Wooden Pieces Mirror

    Source: Gardentherapy

    #13 DIY Stick Framed Round Mirror

    Source: Instrupix

    #14 Basket To Mirror Frame

    Source: Scratchandstitch

    #15 DIY Driftwood Mirror

    Source: Thelearnerobserver

    #16 A DIY Painted Mirror Frame

    Source: Thespruce

    #17 Faux Flower Mirror Frame

    Source: Manomano

    #18 Wine Cork Mirror Frame

    Source: Livemaster

    #19 Oyster Shell Mirror

    Source: Nourishandnestle

    #20 Rope And Seashell Mirror Frame

    Source: Etsystatic

    #21 Bottle Cap Mirror Frame

    Source: Countryliving

    #22 Plastic Spoon Mirror Frame

    Source: Hege Kappelslåen Løkken

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