22 Stunning Ideas To Recycle Plastic Bottles

What do you often do with plastic bottles? Throw them in a trash pin or use them for DIY projects? To be honest, I store them for using later if I do not have any good idea to recycle them. Although I’m not good at making handmade craft, I still get interested in it. It makes my house much “greener” and more impressive. Sometimes, it’s an interesting activity that both parents and kids can involve in and have fun with.

22 Stunning Ideas To Recycle Plastic Bottles

And, here are 22 stunning ideas to recycle plastic bottles I would like to share you guys. Some of them have been tried at my house while some are highly concerned on the Internet. Imagine that how your vertical garden of plastic bottles dazzle your guests when they visit your house. It not only brings you clean vegetables and herbs but also add new breeze to your house. I’m doing one with my home now!

#1 Vertical Garden

#2 Chandelier

#3 Jewelry Stand

#4 Cherry Blossom Paint Stamp

#5 Beautiful Mosaic From Caps Left By Hurricane Sandy

#6 Cute Planters

#7 Spoon Lamp

#8 Parking Canopy

#9 Intricate Plastic Bottle Vase

#10 Sci-Fi Rocket Jet Pack

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