23 Brilliant Backyard Kids Playhouse Ideas

23 Brilliant Backyard Kids Playhouse Ideas

You are finding ways to encourage your kids put down the iPad, step away from the Xbox, or press pause on YouTube. Look no further, this list today is great alternatives. Here are the 23 brilliant backyard kid playhouse ideas that will enrich your kids’ lives and enhance your landscape. There are many options for playhouses that work in a variety of spaces and are also available in a multitude of styles that are bound to make little boys and girls squeal with delight. Are you ready to find one?
23 Brilliant Backyard Kids Playhouse Ideas
These houses are so beautiful, right? Some are designed by modern style, others are inspired by fairy ideas. But all of them are the perfect combination of nature where kids are free to explore, where they can set their own rules, and let their imaginations go wild. In addition to enabling some creative playtime, playhouses may also provide parents with some much-needed respite. If you plan on adding a playhouse to your backyard, these ideas today are for you!

#1 Mini Mod DIY Playhouse

#2 Converted Shed Playhouse

#3 Modern and Chic Playhouse

#4 Another Modern-looking Playhouse

#5 The Simple Plank Playhouse

#6 The Dome-like Literature-inspired Playhouse

#7 The Playhouse Is The Perfect Spot For Your Kids To Relax Outdoors and Read

#8 Large Playhouse With A Long Sloping Roof, Blue Door, and Blue Shutters

#9 Small Crooked Playhouse With Front Porch In Green and White

#10 Incredible Playhouse Structure That Is Two Playhouses Connected By Bridge and Includes A Slide