24 DIY Mason Jar Ideas For The Home And Garden

Have you ever tried making something special with unused and empty mason jars? Surely, everything seems to look better in a Mason jar if you take it a try. They give rustic good looks and use them for several delightful home and garden projects all season of the year. Welcome to our 24 DIY Mason Jar Ideas For The Home And Garden today. From planters to side table lamps, these mason jar organizer ideas will give you any ideas that you want and need.
They are humble mason jars but are so incredibly versatile vessels with a seemingly endless list of uses. From craft decorations to use in your home decor, or for the outdoor areas of your home including the garden and the backyard. You can do all of these things by using something as simple as a mason jar. Hopefully, these designs will inspire you to craft something by yourself. Enjoy!

#1 DIY Jar Chandelier

Source: Redheadcandecorate

#2 Mason Jar Sewing Kits

Source: Thecraftyquilter

#3 Mason Jar Kitchen Iteam Storage

Source: Queenbeeofhoneydos

#4 Lovely House Number Idea

Source: Homebnc

#5 Mason Jar Tower

Source: Diane Heitzenrater

#6 Mason Jar Side Table Lamp

Source: Rachel Stevenson

#7 Mason Jar Fairy Lantern Wind Chime

Source: Etsy

#8 DIY Boho Macrame Hanging Jars

Source: Hopefulhoney

#9 Growing Pea Sprouts In Mason Jar

Source: Diymorning

#10 Simple Cut Flower Vase Idea

Source: Stylemepretty

#11 Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Source: Songbirdgarden

#12 DIY Mason Jar Planter

Source: Sustainmycrafthabit

#13 Mason Jar String Light

Source: Etsy

#14 Outdoor Lights To Romanticize Backyard Design

Source: Lushome

#15 Outdoor Solar Lighting

Source: Cowgirlmagazine

#16 DIY Hanging Mason Jar Tiki Torch

Source: Diyeverywhere

#17 Front Yard Curb Appeal

Source: Momhomeguide

#18 Mason Jar Luminaries

Source: Empressofdirt

#19 DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Source: Thewhoot

#20 DIY Mason Jar Fairy Garden

Source: Thinkmakeshareblog

#21 DIY Succulent Garden

Source: Craftberrybush

#22 Mason Jar Add To Garden Fence

Source: Blog.coldwellbanker

#23 DIY Mason Jar Wind Chime

Source: Craftsbyamanda

#24 Mason Jar Vertical Garden

Source: Hometalk

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