Today, One Million Ideas will introduce you the design of a bench or table around a tree to transform it into a relaxing corner in your beautiful garden. Turning free space into a “bench around a tree” can be done easily without cutting the tree off. It is considered as a very creative idea. You also get a corner to relax as well with these designs. Let’s see how people did it!

    Relaxing corner for family

    A great design with white color

    Simple but effective

    Glass table also works

    Try more shapes

    Classic design with round table

    Impressive design with amazing table

    It looks nice

    You can add some details to these designs

    Contrast colors

    There are many more table design that you can follow. What are they?

    One Million Ideas hope that these tables and benches design above will give you plenty of inspiration. If you are looking for something sturdy and simple, a table around tree is perfect for an outdoorsy vibe and bring a beautiful look for your yard. So why don’t you try to make it now?

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