24 Stunning Terrace and Patio Ideas

24 Stunning Terrace and Patio Ideas

#11 A Moroccan Terrace Styled For Spring, With Lots Of Greenery, Potted Greenery and Trees and A Large Table and Chairs

#12 A Spring Terrace With A Suspended Daybed, Floral Bedding, Potted Blooms and Greenery Is Airy and Welcoming

#13 A Super Bold Terrace with Greenery And Blooms, with Colorful Textiles, Potted Plants, and Colorful Pillows

#14 A Welcoming Terrace with A Modern Wooden Table and Mismatching Chairs, Potted Greenery and Blooms, and Some Lights Over The Space

#15 A Welcoming Terrace with Potted Greenery and Blooms, with Colorful Textiles and Wooden and Wicker Furniture

#16 A Bloom-filled Terrace with Potted Greenery and Flowers All Around, with A Dining Set, A Chandelier and Some Fresh Fruit

#17 A Refined Terrace with A Fountain, Pots with Blooming Tulips and Greenery, Refined Neutral Furniture and Greenery Walls

#18 A Relaxed Rustic Patio with Lots Of Greenery and Blooms Around, with Wooden Furniture and Printed Textiles Is All Chic

#19 A Colorful Terrace with A Boho Feel, with Wicker Furniture, Bright Blooms and Greenery, and Bold Pillows and Upholstery

#20 A Shabby Chic and Rustic Terrace with Wicker Chairs, Shabby Cabinets, Baskets and Buckets With Greenery and Blooms and Decorative Plates

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