24 Tropical Garden Oasis Ideas For Your Balcony

by Marry Dell

    You live in an urban apartment and don’t have a sprawling garden but you are a plant-lover. This makes you discomfort. However, you are in the right place to have great ideas and they will inspire you. Utilize your balcony! It sounds interesting, right? And here are 24 stunning tropical garden oasis for your boring balcony! Exploring them with us.

    With these ideas, you will have great spaces in harmony with natural life, where you can enjoy a peaceful time with your family members in a green space of your own! Not just that, the space of your house will become more open because it is expanded. And it means, your house will have more living space. If your balcony is not as your desire, then turn it into a wonderful oasis like the ideas here.

    #1 Apartment Balcony Zen Garden

    Create a tropical zen garden on your urban balcony for a blissful experience.

    #2 Wooden Plant Shelf and Tall Planters

    Create a rich tropical look on your balcony with tall planters and a relaxing sitting arrangement.

    #3 An Urban Jungle!

    If you love plants, then dedicate your balcony to growing the ones of your choice to make a tropical jungle.

    #4 Balcony Garden with Tall Plants

    A delightful balcony garden with tall plants and wooden flooring.

    #5 Extended Balcony with Large Foliage Plants

    What a great way to enjoy the city’s view with large foliaged plants from your extended balcony.

    #6 Monstera in Metal Plant Stand with Hanging Plants

    Monstera in metal plant stand will pair well with other plants in a modern balcony.

    #7 Minimalist Balcony Design

    A minimalistic balcony design with two chairs and potted plants is great for any urban apartment.

    #8 Wooden Balcony with Planters

    If you have a large balcony, you can add wooden accents to grow plants with a retractable shed.

    #9 Simple Balcony Garden with Palm and Trailing Plants

    The graceful fronds of palm with other trailing plants and cut flowers on the table bring a wonderfully tropical feel to your balcony.

    #10 A Long Balcony with Ferns, Hanging, and Tall Plants

    A sunny balcony is a great place to have a tropical feel with plants on a wooden sofa.

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