24 Tropical Garden Oasis Ideas For Your Balcony

24 Tropical Garden Oasis Ideas For Your Balcony

#11 Flowers and Tall Potted Plants

The colors of different flowers match perfectly with tall, dark foliaged plants.

#12 Chairs and Table with Classy White Planters

A well-lit balcony is a great place to enjoy the morning sun in the vicinity of plants.

#13 Tropical Flowers on a Glazed Balcony

A corner sitting on a flowerful balcony brings a colorful tropical vibe.

#14 Small Winter Garden with Tropical Plants

A winter garden with tropical plants and vintage jute furniture looks simply fantastic!

#15 Tropical Balcony with Black and White Chequered Tiles

Large foliage plants, black and white chequered tiles, and antique wooden furniture look just the part.

#16 Tropical Plants in Jute Baskets

If you have big balcony space, you can utilize it to grow tropical plants of your choice in jute baskets.

#17 Tall Tropical Trees in Balcony

Enjoy a tropical feel on your balcony by growing tall trees with other potted plants on your balcony.

#18 Trailing Plants with a Tropical Feel

Hang planters on the wall and grow trailing plants for the tropical vibe in a colorful balcony.

#19 Balcony with Fern, Palm, Lights, and a Lounge Chair

Have a relaxing time on a lounge chair surrounded by fern, palm, and LED lights.

#20 Tall Plants behind White Chairs

Tall plants behind white chairs on your balcony will bring a lush tropical feel.

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