24 Vegetables That Can Grow Well From Cuttings

24 Vegetables That Can Grow Well From Cuttings

#11 Cabbage

The leftover bottom portion of the cabbage can be used to grow a new plant. Put it in a bowl, add water, and place it in an area that gets enough sunlight. When roots and leaves start to emerge, transplant it into a pot or ground or let it be where it is, just keep changing the water every few days.

#12 Carrot Greens

To grow carrot greens, simply cut the top part and place it in a bowl of water, with its cut side down. Place the bowl on a sunny windowsill and change the water every next day. You’ll see carrot leaves emerging soon, at this time you can either keep it in water or transfer it into your windowsill planter.

#13 Green Onions

Fill it with soil, and put onion bulbs in it. Place it in sunlight and water well. After 2-3 weeks, you can harvest 6-8 inches long young green leaves. This is one of the quickest vegetables to grow. You can also grow it in water.

#14 Garlic Greens

Just like green onions, you can grow garlic greens or baby garlic from a single garlic clove. To do this, fill with soil, put garlic cloves, cover them completely with soil and water. Wait till they sprout, and then you can transfer them to pots or in garden soil.

#15 Bok Choy

Bok choy can regrow by using the base. Take a water-filled saucer or any shallow container and place the base with the cut side facing up. In a few days, you will notice it sprouting. After 1-2 weeks, it can be transplanted into the soil or it’ll do fine in water. Just keep changing the water when it starts to appear cloudy.

#16 Ginger

Take a piece of ginger measuring 2-3 inches from your pantry. Soak the rhizomes in water overnight and plant them in rich and loamy potting soil. Make sure the growth buds facing up. Keep the soil moist and provide dappled shade.

#17 Leeks

For growing leeks from cuttings, take its cutting that includes the bottom part (root end), and place it in a water-filled bowl, mini tub, or container. Provide the cuttings mild sunlight on a windowsill, and you will have fresh leeks.

#18 Potatoes

Pick a potato from your kitchen pantry and allow it to dry overnight. Plant it 4-5 inches deep in the soil, ensure that its ‘eyes’ face up. In a few weeks, you’ll have a new potato plant.

#19 Celery

Simply cut the base or bottom of the celery and place it in a bowl with water. Place the bowl in partial sunlight for a week. You will see leaves are growing and thickening at the base. At this point, you can transplant it to the soil or let it grow in the water.

#20 Purslane

Purslane is considered a weed is that it’s super easy to grow. It’s one of the healthiest green vegetables you could ever eat. Just plant the 3-5 inches long cuttings in pots or ground and water well.

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