25 Awesome Ideas To Repurpose Old Dressers

by Sasha Ridley

    Want to upgrade your old dresser with a new one? This post is right up your street. It doesn’t suggest the best dresser designs but shows you how to repurpose the old dresser. Don’t let it go to waste. Instead, you can use this rustic wood material for DIY projects. It looks pretty cool in your house, serving for both functioning and decorative purposes.

    And here are 25 awesome ideas to repurpose old dressers for your house. If you want to transform old dressers into new functioning gadgets, these are the way to go. Wine bar, kitchen cabinet, storage bench, shoe rack – there are many exciting DIY projects to proceed with “throw-away” dressers. They are rustic, vintage, and charming, promising to be a focal point in your home. Let’s give them a look!

    1. Antique Coffee Bar from Old Dresser

    2. Upcycle an Old Dresser Into a Vintage Shelf for Books and Plants

    3. Turn a Dresser Into a Wine Bar

    4. Vintage Upcycled Dresser Bench with Storage

    5. Smart Ways to Reimagine a Dresser

    6. Repurpose Old Dresser Into Sideboard Cabinet

    7. Repurpose Dresser Into a Bench

    8. Repurposed Storage Shelf

    9. Turn Chest of Drawers into Desk

    10. Old Dresser Repurposed Into a Wine Rack

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