25 Beautiful and Unique Blue Succulents To Add Color On Decorating Your Home

25 Beautiful and Unique Blue Succulents To Add Color To Decorate Your Home

#11 Lavender Scallops

The Lavender Scallops has beautiful variegated leaves with green, cream, and blue hues. They will give the best of colors when kept in bright sunlight.

#12 Donkey Tail

The Donkey Tail succulent needs a hanging basket for its growth. It takes a magnificent hue of blue and green in indirect light.

#13 Hybrid Century Plant

This evergreen hybrid variety forms fleshy silver-blue leaves. Keep it on a balcony or porch where it can receive some direct sunlight.

#14 Short Leaved Aloe

Aloe Brevifolia Short-leaved Aloe in 2021 | Aloe plant, Mediterranean plants, Plants

This Short Leaved Aloe has teeth on the edges of its leaves which make this succulent unique. Keep it in shade or else the plant will take a red-yellow hue in full sun.

#15 Blue Spruce Stonecrop

The Blue Spruce Stonecrop is drought-tolerant succulent, it produces small, blue leaves that resemble needles of a blue spruce conifer. It looks stunning on green roofs, walkways, and pots.

#16 Propeller Plant

The succulent has blue-gray leaves which look like the propeller of an airplane! It looks cute in small pots.

#17 Blue Burrito

This Blue Burrito grows in clumps and forms long stems with green leaves and pink blush at the tips.

#18 Pacific Blue Ice

The Pacific Blue Ice succulent has a distinct cupped form and produces rounded rosettes of icy, blue-green leaves with rosy centers.

#19 Black Spined Agave

This Black Spined Agave is easy-to-care, it forms a rosette of fleshy and narrow, powder blue foliage with maroon tips.

#20 Azulita Echeveria

This succulent produces small rosettes of icy blue leaves covered in powdery farina and beautiful red tips.

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