25 Charming Fairy Gardens To Make With Broken Pots

by Sasha Ridley

    You can definitely turn broken pots into beautiful fairy gardens. This requires a little more effort but is worth paying for. Imagine that the “trash” items becomes a stunning garden décor that grasps the eyes of everyone seeing it. It’s a rewarding process. By giving these projects a try, you will no longer get worried when accidently breaking a planter pot. Actually, this challenges your creativity and cleverness!


    Here are 25 charming fairy gardens to make with broken pots we would like to share today. As there is so much fun to build these fairy gardens, why don’t you let your kids involve in? Bring the fairy would into your own garden. Your kids would go crazy for this DIY project. Let’s get started!

    #1 Magic Fairy Garden From Broken Pot

    #2 Broken Pot Fairy Garden of Succulent

    #3 Fairy Gnom Garden Kingdom

    #4 Green Mini Garden House

    #5 Broken Flower Pot Villa House

    #6 Living Fairy Garden

    #7 Broken Pot Fairy Village

    #8 Large Pot Mini Garden

    #9 Bird Community

    #10 Layered Fairy Garden

    #11 Broken Pot Fairy Paradise

    #12 Miniature and Fairy Gardening

    #13 Terra Cotta Pot Mini Garden

    #14 Easy Fairy Garden

    #15 Beautiful Fairy Garden

    #16 Broken Ceramic Pot Fairy Garden

    #17 Fairy Garden Paradise

    #18 Tall Fairy Tale Garden

    #19 Simple Fairy Garden

    #20 Miniature Fairy Garden

    #21 Broken Flower Pot Fairy Garden

    #22 Succulent Fairy Garden

    #23 Fairy Garden with Waterfall

    #24 Fairy Garden with Ladder

    #25 Simple Succulent Fairy Garden

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