25 Chic Braid Hairstyles That You Will Go Crazy For

I love having my hair beautifully braided when attending at a weekend party or gathering, or wedding ceremony. Hair braid is always chic. Teenagers, young women, matured women and even brides look pretty with it. The point here is just to pick out suitable braided hairstyle for the occasion. As this requires a bit skills and cleverness, just let your friend or hair stylist do it for you. It’s an enjoyable process. Just look at the mirror to see how stunning you are with your braid!


We’ve rounded up 25 chic braid hairstyles that you will go crazy for. We’re glad to share them to you guys. They surely work. Braided updo, half up half down braid, braided pony tail hair, crown braided hair, Viking braid,.. there are many for you to choose. Just save them down and give them a go when you love. You look gorgeous then. Believe us!

#1 Easy Braided Hair with Scarf

#2 Dutch Braid

#3 Classy Dirty Blonde Hair Braid

#4 Double Dutch Braids

#5 Braided Buns with Glitter

#6 Waterfall Braids

#7 Side Braid

#8 Half Curls Braid Brown French Braid with Thin Braids Moonlightbraids

#9 Crown Braid

#10 Viking 3D Braid

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