25 Creative Ideas For Kitchen Storage

by Sasha Ridley

    Your kitchen would be a mess if you do not how to store your things well. It’s sad but definitely true. Some are tolerant to this kitchen mess as they can still find out items that they need in here. One of my friend said “it’s actually a mess, but in order”. She knows the spot where she store items and find it ok with this organization. There are also many people who look for better storage solutions. They just want to make their kitchen as neat as possible.


    This post is then written. It shares 25 creative ideas for kitchen storage. We usually store kitchen things in drawers or in cabinets. But you can definitely hide them in furniture items, under shelf jar storage, for instance. The point here is these furniture items are all inexpensive and easy to proceed. Enough for DIY project, right? Just look through the collection and pick out some that fit your kitchen space. Here we go!

    #1 Under Shelf Jar Storage

    #2 Clever Organizers: Can the Clutter

    #3 Pull-Out Pantry Cabinet

    #4 Keep Veggies Fresh Year Round

    #5 Undercounter Refrigerator

    #6 Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks

    #7 Dinner Plate Cradle

    #8 Corner Drawers

    #9 Kitchen Sink Storage Tray

    #10 Vertical Storage Holds

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