25 Creative Ideas For Wall Hanging Décor

Looking for something to hang on your wall, making it more eye-catching? This post is right up your street. It shares 25 creative ideas for hanging wall decor. They are great ways to bring a refresh to boring walls on a budget. A hanging photo display, moon phase wall hanging, DIY mounted shelf, a repurposed old bike wheel, and some other exciting are recommended here. You won’t stop saying “aww” when scrolling down.

These ideas can be added to DIY projects. All you need is some patience, creativity, and craft materials. You may even let your kids involved in the project if they are interested. The products made by us are always valuable, mentally and physically. If you want to add a new breath to your white wall, just roll up sleeves and give these a try. Let’s get started!

1. Lunar Phase Wall Hanging Decor

2. Round Hanging Wall Planters

3. Dried Floral Wall Hanging DIY

4. Repurposed Old Bike Wheel

5. Hanging Photo Display

6. Fun Ombre Dried Floral Wall Hanging DIY

7. Three Tier Hanging Rope Shelf

8. Feather Macrame Wall Hanging

9. Hanging Flower Mason Jars

10. Boho Summer Hanging Wall

11. Vita Fringed Hanging Basket

12. Hanging Wooden Vase

13. Gorgeous Bohemian Yarn Wall

14. Divide Sisal Wall Hanging

15. Heart-Shaped Woven Palm Fan

16. Simple, Beautiful Yarn Wall Hanging

17. Rustic Wall Frame Shelf

18. Moon Phase Wall Hanging

19. DIY Vintage Basket Wall Art

20. Geometric Wall Art

21. Hanging Flower Wall Decor

22. Antique Plate Wall Display

23. Plant Frame Shelf Wall

24. Metal Wall Art

25. Another DIY Hanging Wall Shelf