25 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas For A Lively Garden

25 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas For A Lively Garden

There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of tea while strolling in the garden and listen to songbirds, right? Creating some feeders right in your garden to attract lovely birds is a great way to feel funny sounds. And in the post, we’ve summed up 25 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas For A Lively Garden. These DIY bird feeder projects are a fun way to liven up your yard without breaking up your budget. What’s even better, wild birds also will thank you for free food.
25 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas For A Lively Garden
Instead of buying easily bird feeders outside, going the handmade route allows you to have complete design control and take advantage of old items in your home such as teacups, old shoes, mason jars, plastic bottles, and more. Most of them are easy projects even for beginners just with a little effort and time. If you love DIY projects and love creativity, these exciting and unique bird feeders are the ways to go. Don’t hesitate, save your unused things in the home and try making!

#1 Old Shoe Bird Feeder

Image Credits: Boredpanda

#2 Marson Jar Bird Feeder

Image Credits: Theartinlife

#3 Bottle Plastic Marson Jar

Image Credits: Flick

#4 Carton Bird Feeder

Image Credits: Momes

#5 Coconut Shell Bird Feeder

Image Credits: Mariaedith59

#6 Citrus Peel Bird Feeder

Image Credits: Sherisilver

#7 Painted Tin Can Bird Feeder

Image Credits: Thegardenglove

#8 Clay Pot Bird Feeder

Image Credits: Clemaroundthecorner

#9 Walnut Shell Bird Feeder

Image Credits: Gartenbuddelei

#10 Plastic Milk JugBird Feeder

Image Credits: Maison

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